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St. Joseph's Province, Thalassery

            The glorious & adventurous history of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation has already described in detail in the book"FRANCISCAN CLARIST CONGREGATION 1888-1988". The history of F.C.C. from 1988 to 1993 is really the history of Malabar province itself.

            We gratefully remember the then General and Provincial team members and the church authorities who had provided their tremendous effort for the growth of Malabar province during this period. It is only because of the abundant graces of God almighty and the wholehearted co-operation of the people of God, we could start many more houses in the province and to lead a life according to the word of God.


It was a golden moment , an unforgettable day in the history of Malabar province, when Malabar province  bifurcated in to St. Joseph's province, Thalassery and St. Francis province, Thamarassery in the year 1993. This bifurcation facilitated the spiritual and physical development of Malabar F.C.C. which was spread out vast areas- calicut, malappuram, kannur, kasaragod, Karnataka etc.

            The strength of newly erected Thalassery province was 169 and that of Thamarassery province was 150. The superior general Mother Hetry Suso appointed Rev. Sr. Theophine as the provincial superior of Thalassery province on December 20th 1993 and Rev. Sr. Reynold as the provincial superior of Thamarassery on December 22nd 1993. The newly formed provincial team of Thalassery province is as follows -Rev. Sr. Theophine was the first Provincial Superior

During bifurcation Thalassery province had to face a lot of difficulties due to lack of houses and low financial background. There was not even a single house to execute the provincial administration effectively. Hence the school community, Holy Angel Convent, Pushpagiri became the temporary provincial house. With the full trust in the God, Sr. Theophine and team struggled hard to uplift the province spiritually and physically sound inspite of the stress and strains in the initial stage.

The members of Thalassery province had a fruitful dream to have a permanent provincial house with basic convenience because the temporary provincial house at Pushpagiri was not apt to execute the provincial administrations. Still we were patiently waited for the will of God and the time of HIS Plan. Finally our dreams and prayers fulfilled. His Grace. Mar. George Valiamattam has kindly consented to bless the newly constructed provincial house at Male Chovva in 2002 May 29. This house in Male Chovva is now a blessing to the surrounding people. Our sisters surrender their valuable services in the various activities like catechism, home mission, prayer services etc. in the parish. At Present it has 261 members and 39 convents.

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