Social Service

Social work is an avenue through which services are extended to people for education, health care, house construction, financial help, marriage assistance, job opportunities for the differently abled girls etc.

Sadhujana sevanam (Service to the down trodden/marginalised)

As the world is not giving proper place to humanness and human values, there are many people who are abandoned such as parents, orphans, aids patients, mental patients, handicapped etc. The province  has made an earnest effort to be a mother or a sister to the above mentioned categories of people.


Activities in Arch-Diocese

The sisters of the province make their presence felt by exercising their services in the different offices of the Arch- Diocese.


Hostels & Boarding

In order to provide encouraging atmosphere for education and life training for the students who are pursuing their studies, sisters have opened home friendly and personally and spiritually nourishing hostels in Nirmalagiri, Pariyaram, Kamballur, Kudianmala, Karimbam, Ujire and Kundapuram.


News & Events